April Camp

Join us for this year’s April Camp

Cost: $65 per person (includes 3 days, 2 nights stay and all meals)

When: 16-18 April 2021

Where: Ankara Youth Campsite

What: We’ll spend 3 days learning from the Bible about grace and law. We will share meals together, play games and even go kayaking.

To register your interest to go bit.ly/aprilcamp21


image credit: freepik.com

Commencement Camp 2021

Whether you are just starting at uni this year or have been around for a while, Commencement Camp is for you!

At commencement camp you’ll:

  • Experience great teaching from the Bible
  • Meet other Christians
  • Have a heap of fun
  • Think and talk about the big questions of uni and life through small groups, orientation sessions and friendships.

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